Filing an insurance claim typically involves a few basic steps:  

1. Start by checking your insurance policy details to see if your policy covers the incident and if there’s a time limit for filing a claim.  

2. Gather important information, such as: 

  • The names and contact information of those involved 
  • The date of the incident 
  • Insurance policy numbers of those involved 
  • An incident, accident, or medical report  
  • Photos if you’ve been in an accident, suffered damage to your home or property, or experienced a comprehensive, no-fault incident. 

3. File a claim with us if your incident requires you to do so. You'll provide the details of the claim and submit the information to us via the following methods (e.g. mail, online or by visiting us). 

An insurance claim acts as a safety net against financial losses. Unforeseen expenses like medical emergencies, accidents, and life's uncertainties can cause immense economic distress. Insurance claims can provide relief in such unfortunate events.

An insurance claim is a formal request to us for reimbursement against losses covered under your insurance policy.

Insurance is a financial agreement between you and your insurer. You have to pay a fixed premium. And in exchange, we offer financial cover for losses based on the policy terms.

When the event covered under your policy occurs, a claim must be filed. The purpose is to notify the us that the event for which you have opted for an insurance has occurred and that we should pay the claim amount.